Horizon: Forbidden West - a new generation based on old rules

Over 20 million units have been sold, an astonishing opening for a new brand after a successful mediocre end to the previous one. Hermann Holst, prior to his appointment as president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, was able to summon the Hellghan Army in favor of the decline of civilization between hunting and gathering. With machines as animals.

In Florence, a monument to the resourceful icon, Aloy, was erected on the surface of the water. What is Horizon: Zero Dawn famous for? The scientist, the heroine, presented an epic approach to clashes with imitation of crucifixion for wild animals. Using the already traditional toilet scheme, we were able to create something new. Not revolutionary, not even evolutionary. The Forbidden West is a clear expansion. Just this and a lot at the same time.

tribal solidarity

During the life of the previous generation and earlier, it was difficult to preserve similar images. Only a sufficiently long transition between the current and expiring tenures of static platforms causes this situation to change. Sony is using two PlayStations for the first time for one series. The PS5 launch made Miles Morales flex his muscles in cross lighting. Processing went relatively well, even without complaining about the price. We are often (not) happy to see that Sony is so demanding.

It’s no different with Horizon: Forbidden West – a sequel built according to the sacred principle – more, better, faster. As for the last point, it affects PS5 owners thanks to the bargaining card or “SSD” that is sung rhythmically in Astro’s Playroom custom level. Another great adventure that touches on the independent nature of the star of the new generation – Aloy. We really liked this during Zero Dawn. Guerilla Games have taken on a completely different genre in keeping with the prevailing dominance of open worlds. Hence, the balance between basic and optional activities is almost equally balanced.

Obviously, the lack of the iconic acne on the map contributes to the transparency. This percentage has been kept in Forbidden West despite the slightly different appearance of the world map. In games set in open space, I appreciate, above all, the ease of reading the map and the navigation system that does not guide the player step by step. This is the biggest bane of sandbox-based productions. February is a flood of big games, so we can naturally get tired of constantly discovering new areas and completing side quests. The exception is From Software’s work traditionally, but that’s a slightly different story. Horizon: Forbidden as Zero Dawn years ago – spawns the most beautiful open world in modern gaming culture.

Technology power.

Forbidden horizon west

We wouldn’t find a better interactive world diorama than Forbidden West. Absolutely verifiable fact. However, players expect something from the developers, because the popular Meta Year explodes at the seams from deliberately underestimated reviews. It is difficult for me to agree with the views of the recipients about the excessive repetition of the game. I would insist that this is the bane of most sequels to this day. Even Dying Light 2 is generally considered weaker than its predecessor in terms of recycling layered jobs. The Forbidden West does not suffer from such a severe condition. It is not a step forward, nor is it a step back.

It is an efficient and effective advancement with a beautiful visual field. Running along flooded forests, trails or rocks tastes great. Guerilla Games once again took care of the heroine’s best move. Fighting with machines also affects the senses. On the same scale, Zero Dawn. It’s a great development of the original, no need for anything else.

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