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However, Suzanne Verrald, Limoylo ​​City Councilor and in-charge of waste management and the environment, said the City has been working to make the offer mandatory from 2018 and will ensure its implementation by the end of 2021.

We are sorry, in comparison

In 2015, a survey Quebec Magazine It was revealed that 42% of buildings with 30 or more units do not have the required equipment … In 2021, there are no statistics to show that the result is better.

At Katino, all owners of a residential or multi-unit building must provide adequate containers for storage of recyclable and composting materials between collections and appropriate tools.

There is a team of researchers responsible for applying this regulation in the Environmental Service. Anyone who violates any of the rules commits an offense and will be fined a minimum of $ 300 for the first offense. If the offense is repeated, the minimum fine is doubled.

In Kadino, too, the company responsible for collecting the remaining items, Dericheberg, sends a respectful notice to the residents and does not collect the tank if it finds that the existing material does not comply with the by-laws. The city maintains a record of all addresses remaining in respectable notices and intervenes if a request is made to 311. If there is evidence (photo or video) in the city and the culprits can be identified, tickets may be issued.

Hans Proulette, director of public affairs for CORPIQ’s property owners’ corporation, condemns coercion. According to him, landowners should not manage tenant members. “For us, making the rest of the collection compulsory is questionable. If this becomes mandatory, tickets will be issued to the owners, but not to the tenants.” As for the CORPIQ, the control is unacceptable. “The homeowner should not be fined or fined for crimes committed by other citizens on the pretext that they are tenants in a building they own.”

Hans Brolet believes that depending on the configuration of the building, it is necessary to make the tenants more responsible and to go there on a case-by-case basis.

Problems reported by restoration owners are highly technical, especially the issue of cleanliness or inadequate accommodation. The absence of volunteers to place the tank on the street is also highlighted. A spokesman for CORPIQ summed up: “Small buildings do not have a reception on site. There, we enter a slightly more complex administration. The owner does not want to move from one neighborhood to another, so it takes a responsible person. Except that everyone wants to recycle, but no one wants to be responsible for it.” .

“HLMs should lead by example”

Office Municipality de Habitation de Quebec (OMHQ) is responsible for approximately 11,000 housing units in HLM rental shares. Sebastian Oliver, director of corporate development, said the organization has a plan for green asset management practices. “We want to improve and offer more opportunities for our tenants to be more recyclable, which is very difficult to do right now,” Mr Oliver assures.

The OMHQ, however, has no position on compulsory action and states that “use the rules agreed upon by the municipality”.

Jonathan Carmichael, of the Office for Animation and Housing Information (Bail), believes that community housing should be the best practice, such as low-cost housing.

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