Holland.  Activists seized the home of Russian oligarch Arkady Voloza in Amsterdam.  Court: They can stay

On Wednesday, a court in Amsterdam decided that a group of people who occupied a building in the Dutch capital owned by the Russian oligarch Arkady Voloza should remain. The building on Vossiusstraat, one of the city’s most expensive streets, was occupied earlier this month.

Arkady Voloz, the owner of the search engine Yandex, nicknamed “Russian Google”, has been on the EU sanctions list since June. He also owns a luxurious home in the capital Hollandwhich is located near the Vondelpark, on one of the most prestigious and one of the most expensive streets of the city – Vossiusstraat.

Court: Activists can remain in the ownership of the oligarchy

In early November, the building was occupied by a group of people. They justified this step by the inaction of the Dutch government, which did not confiscate the property belonging to the Russians. They reported to the media that the house was also occupied “in support of Ukrainian and Russian anarchists fighting against their state”.

The oligarch’s lawyers appealed to the court and demanded the eviction of the squatters. However, he decided that they could stay in the building.

Voloz’s lawyers argued that he wanted to stay at his home during his upcoming visit to Amsterdam. The court rejected this argument, stating that oligarchs are forbidden to enter the premises Europe Union.

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