Polish game Silent Hill 2 finally gets a specific release date.  The game is expensive

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Konami Studio and Bloober Team presented a new video from the game Silent Hill 2 – It happened at the Sony State of Play exhibition. Finally, we know the release date: The title will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC on October 8 this year.

As it turns out, the game scares us not so much because of its gameplay, but because of its price. On Steam you have to pay PLN 324.99 (The price in Polish złoty is the second highest in the store, in Swiss). In PS Store, the purchase amount is slightly lower, And this does not mean that it is low – it is PLN 299. The offer also includes a slightly more expensive Deluxe version, the A For pre-order you will receive various minor extras.

More information about the game was revealed during Konami’s own broadcast. It started at 1:00. The 13-minute gameplay below comes from it, plus some bonus material, Among other things talks with developers and actors.

We will have new information about this soon Silent Hill 2. The official account of the survival horror series announced the upcoming broadcast with the makers of the new version of the movie “2” from the Polish studio Bloober Team, whose events will take place May 31 at 1:00 AM Poland time (via Service X).

This time, the developers will likely reveal more about the production, but for now we can only speculate on the details. As for the release date: According to recent rumors, it is scheduled to debut this year. Moreover, we know that the title has already been won by the first age group, which can confirm this Silent Hill 2 It’s actually about to end. The remake of the 2001 game will only be released on PlayStation 5 and PC.

What we know for sure is that New footage will be shown during the broadcast Return to Silent Hill movie. As a reminder: the picture was directed by the director Christoph Gansa (He is responsible for the first A film adaptation of the series 18 years ago) was based on the latter silent hill.

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