Mirabel police are investigating a 21-year-old Quebecer who kept Mirabel residents awake for weeks.

“This weekend we seized the Lamborghini because our citizens were tired and sleepless. “Unfortunately, as the investigation is ongoing, we cannot provide more details,” he confirmed Register Jacques Caza, Mirabel police inspector.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noel / Facebook / Instagram

According to our information, the young woman driving the luxury car was Amanda Levesque. He grew up in Quebec City, specifically in the Saint-Augustin district, and has been enjoying riding at night for almost three weeks.

On her social networks, we see Ms. Levesque proudly filming her black Lamborghini making a lot of noise. The pink-haired young woman has also posed several times with sunglasses and her fiancé next to her car.

“There is more than one suspect in this case,” said Mr. Casa summarizes. He also said that the case will be presented in the courts without giving further details.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noel / Facebook / Instagram

Note that the driver has received at least 13 tickets since the beginning of the year, specifically for speeding and screeching tires.

Double up on your sleeping pills

A Mirabel resident says he has not slept two nights in a row in the last three weeks due to car noise pollution.

“It was hell. We filed more than fifteen reports with the police. It affected our mental health because we knew she was going to wake us up when we went to bed. I doubled the dosage of sleeping pills to relax,” says Francine, who prefers to withhold her last name for fear of reprisals.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noel / Facebook / Instagram

He believes his ordeal has finally come to an end after Amanda Levesque’s vehicle was impounded on Sunday.

black beast”

On social networks, the Lamborghini has become an ongoing story followed by the residents of Mirabel, which is plagued by noise pollution. Many nicknamed the young woman behind the wheel “The Black Beast.”

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noel / Facebook / Instagram

“It was a nice surprise this morning that I went to the police station to make a precise complaint about this vehicle. Thanks to the police…it’s an early Christmas,” one resident wrote anonymously on the Facebook group.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Spot Mirabel, Saint-Augustin /

The netizen shared a photo of Amanda Levesque’s car on her post.

never seen

Mirabel’s mayor, Patrick Charbonneau, admits that this is the first time Mirabel’s tranquility has been disturbed.

“There are many questions about the safety of citizens. For the car to make that much noise, yes, there have been modifications to the vehicle, but all of them have elements of speed,” Meyer explains.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noel / Facebook / Instagram

He calls on Quebec to review its highway safety code to legislate this type of behavior in the future.

“Especially for repeat offenders who come to disturb the peace of citizens. “When you report a modified car for nuisance and noise, unfortunately, there are no demerit points that will be removed from the license,” concludes Mr. Charbonneau.

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