Hideo Kojima in PlayStation Studios?  The Japanese entertained fans by displaying drawings and responding to rumors

Hideo Kojima decided to respond to the rumors circulating. The creator responsible for Death Stranding showed off a banner with his production bearing the PlayStation Studios logo, and while it also raised fan expectations, he explained the situation afterwards.

Yesterday in the morning we reported to our community an unusual situation regarding the update of the PlayStation Studios subpage. Sony added Death Stranding to the graphics and announced the title among “PlayStation Studios Games”.

Hideo Kojima responded to the rumors, posting a photo on Twitter – this is the aforementioned banner, but the PlayStation Studios logo is clearly emphasized. At this point, the PlayStation community is starting to celebrate.

Will Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions Really Join PlayStation Studios? We didn’t have to wait long for the final answer because The developer added an additional explanation in which he emphasized the independence of his team.

“It may be confusing, but Kojipro has been and will continue to be an independent development studio”

You get the impression that Kojima decided to spend quality time with his fans, and awaken their dreams of joining the developer for PlayStation, but it is clear that the creator appreciates working on an independent team.

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