PZPN is looking for a coach for the under-21 team.  Stolarczyk is a candidate in Szczecin

The fact that Maciej Stolarczyk will not continue to lead the youth club has been talked about for some time. Theoretically, the U-21 team still has a chance to play in the UEFA European Youth Championship qualifiers, but not everything depends on the results of their matches alone. Besides, the coach is one of the candidates for the new coach Bogon Szczecin. The first attempts to train a new under-21 coach have already begun. Among them are: Maciej Bartoshik, Jack Magira and Marcin Bros.

The youngster still has the chance to perform in the tournament organized by Romania and Georgia next year (June 9-July 2, 2023). However, the road to it is very tortuous and long. The situation in the White-Reds qualifiers is as follows:

  1. Germany 8 21 26-8
  2. Israel 8 16 9-17
  3. Poland 8 15 7-20
  4. Hungary 8 11 14-13
  5. Latvia 8 4 4-17
  6. San Marino 8 1 0-27

Two rounds of matches remained until the end of the tournament. The schedule, especially the other matches, is not optimal for the Poles:

June 2: Latvia-Israel, San Marino-Poland, June 3: Germany-Hungary,

June 7: Latvia – Hungary, Poland – Germany, Israel – San Marino.

U-21 Team: You have to rely on others’ stumbling blocks

Germany is already one step away from getting a direct upgrade. There are 53 teams in nine groups participating in the qualifiers. The group champion and the best runner-up team will win MME passes instantly. The other eight teams from second place will play against each other. Our youth team players must count on stumbles: Germany with Hungary and then a possible victory with our western neighbors in the last round, or Israel losing points in confrontations with Latvia and Israel, the weakest teams in the group. At the same time the team masseg stolarchik She had to win the last elimination match against Germany. All this is still theoretically possible. However, many conditions and outcomes must be adapted to our employees.

Pogoń Szczecin: Maciej Stolarczyk can replace Kosta Runjaic

However, it seems that even in the Polish Football Association they do not fully believe in the final success of the youth team, because the environment began to look for a new coach for the second oldest team. Perhaps also related to the fact that Maciej Stolarczyk is one of the replacement options Costa Rungic In Pogoń Szczecin. The German coach himself announced on March 24 that he would not extend his contract (expiring on June 30) with the Duma Pomerania. We wrote about it, at Weszo, that the almost 51-year-old coach agrees with Legia Warsaw. Likewise, two of his lieutenants are from Pogoń – Robert Kolendowicz and Andrzej Krzyształowicz.

For Stolarczyk, it will be a return to Szczecin. He has already worked at Bogo in various positions. In the years 2009-10 he was an assistant to Peter Mandres. From August 2010 to November this year, he was a freelance coach. Later, from March 2013 to December 2014, he was a collaborator with Dariusz Wdowczyk, and later Jan Kocian. From January 2015 to June 2018, he was the sporting director of FC Szczecin. The 50-year-old knows Pogo facts all too well. Over the years, he has also collaborated with key decision makers in the Duma of Pomerania. President Jaroslav Mrozek and Sports Director Dariusz Adamczuk know exactly what his workshop is.

Stolarczyk is not the only coach considered by the Pogoń authorities. As we hear, his choice, however, is one of the more likely options.

Coach Bartoszek was scheduled to meet with President Kulesza

When it comes to selecting the new General Manager for Team U-21, the name appears in the context of running this representation Macej Bartoshek. Wisła Płock’s latest coach (removed from the squad on February 28) was seen a few days ago at the Polish Football Association, and reportedly spoke to the president Cesare Colisa. But in the Polish Football Association, they still do not make any decisions, because they are waiting … the development of the situation with coach Stolarczyk. However, at the federation’s headquarters in Bitwy Warszawskiej, the current coach of the youth team is said to be at the exit, but not only is affected by the results. It must be remembered that Stolarczyk was “inherited” by the current PZPN powers after the governments Zbigniew Bonic. President Colisa and the current union management will want to choose a new man for the second most important representation. Any specific suggestion from Pogoń to Coach Stolarczyk may speed up all subsequent moves.

Brooch and Magiera are also considered?

In addition to Maciej Bartoszek, other Polish coaches for the U-21 team will be selected. This group is said to also include Jacek Magiera (Śląsk Wrocław until March 8) and Marcin Brosz. The latter is currently under contract in PZPN, because in January he became the coach of the national under-19 team. He would just have to pass it on to the senior staff.

So as you can see, name-sharing in this fun coaching game is just beginning to thrive. Certainly, at the end of the season in Ekstraklasa, there will be many vacancies on the market, which also means that some professionals will look for a job.


More on the luck of Szczecin and the Poles under-21 team:

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