The Last of Us series will feature deviations from the well-known story.  Pedro Pascal was not playing Naughty Dog

Pedro Pascal is currently working on the set of “The Last of Us”, but the actor also promotes all the productions in which he has appeared recently. In one of the interviews, he confirmed that he had never played the title of Naughty Dog, and did not even want to look at the gameplay for a long time.

Pedro Pascal will be facing the opinions of fans of The Last of Us next year. The actor will play Joel in the adaptation of the game, which is responsible for Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman. As it turns out, however, during one recent conversation, Pascal unexpectedly confirmed that he had never known the full story that Naughty Dog had created.

The lead actor on “The Mandalorian” mentioned that he didn’t really have the skills to play the title on PlayStation, so he watched his nephew in action.

“I watched as much as I could that day and then had to leave Florida. Joel made a great impression on me – the whole project made a great visual impression on me. And then I started to fear I wanted to imitate too much, which I think might be true in some circumstances. and wrong in other cases.

Pedro Pascal was afraid to imitate the game character too much, so he wanted to “create a healthy distance” Meanwhile, he somehow gave character creation to directors.

As you know, the first season of “The Last of Us” is mainly to present the story of the first The Last of Us, but Pascal also suggested that the series may present viewers at certain moments with deviations from the well-known story.

“There is a very creative way to honor what is important and keep what is creative in the video game experience and also [włączenia] Things you don’t necessarily expect. And also the directions you’d expect him to go, and maybe not… they do really smart things, that’s all I can say.”

“The Last of Us” will premiere on HBO Max and HBO next year, but if you’re interested in the series, check out the interesting material comparing the production to the game.

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