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In 2021, FIFA had no competition – the premiere of esports was the worst in gaming history. However, EA Sports cannot sleep peacefully, because a third player has appeared on the horizon – Strikerz Inc. studio, who will produce the UFL.

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New player in the market

Recent years in the sports market have not been very exciting. The traces of the competition between Konami and EA Sports for the title of the best and most popular soccer game are quickly disappearing. The Americans won the war and recently dominated the market thanks to successive FIFA editions.

Konami suffered a major setback in 2021 when eFootball was released. The game disappointed the fans who had previously supported the previous brand – Pro Evolution Soccer. Even the prospect of buying the product for free discouraged players. The eFootball premiere was rated so poorly that on Steam it was the worst launch in the platform’s history.

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However, EA Sports only had a temporary break in the competition, because a new title is coming to the gaming world – UFL. Studio Strikerz Inc. He is in charge of production, which put the game on the Unreal Engine. So far, we have received preliminary information about this brand, and now we know more about it.

A few weeks ago, the creators presented us with a map of Oleksandr Zinchenko’s face, which can make an impression. On December 27 we received another recording, and unfortunately we didn’t see any parts of the game in it. However, we know the date of the first official game – January 27, 2022. Then we will be able to better evaluate the upcoming new football match. The premiere is unknown, but we can assume that it will take place next year.

The UFL is giving us preliminary information at the moment, but we know it will be a free game as well as eFootball. O³eksandr Zinczenko of Manchester City and Roberto Firmino of Liverpool have become brand ambassadors. In addition, the UFL has established collaborations with Shakhtar Donetsk and West Ham United, and possibly more partners in the future. Does EA Sports have anything to be afraid of? Currently, FIFA is a dominant force in the market, but players will certainly benefit from the introduction of level competition.

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