"Grocery Store": Denise Cognay's last season

Sad news for fans of the “L’épicerie” show: Denise Cogne, who co-hosted the magazine since its inception 20 years ago, has announced she will step down at the end of the season.

He would have announced the announcement to his colleagues, as well as the direction of information from the start of the current season in the fall. At the end of this season the co-host stated that he would not renew his annual commitment and would like to experience new challenges.

“After 20 years of wonderful encounters, with teams and guests who have generously shared their knowledge and interest, I feel today that the dizziness of the blank page is what I see there,” the presenter wrote in his post. Message sent to administration.

Denise Cognay, originally from Sherbrook, has worked in the media for over 30 years. An actor and columnist, he has hosted several radio and television shows before being in charge of the popular news magazine.

“The grocery store is a local magazine and has wonderfully incorporated this privileged relationship with the Denise public, which has been at the heart of the success since the show’s. We are very grateful to him for his involvement and dedication to the team over the years,” said Radio-Canada Information Director General Luce Julian.

The Department of Information has not issued any announcement on the consequences of this deviation, however it has advised that it will take time to think about what to do next.

Johan Despins is expected to continue as host of the show.

The “grocery store” will return to ICI TÉLÉ after the Olympic break on February 23.

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