Have we been misunderstanding black holes all this time?  An amazing theory about the universe

The research team included scientists from Great Britain and Spain who provided the information collected in the journal Physical review letters. According to scientists from the Universities of Southampton, Cambridge and Barcelona, ​​black holes can exist in balanced pairs, imitating single objects.

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If we assumed the universe were static, black holes occurring in pairs would fight each other, falling victims to their mutual gravitational pull. In a different scenario, i.e. one in which the universe is in constant motion, a completely different variable could occur.

What are black holes anyway? These are some of the most mysterious objects in the universe, and they have extremely strong gravity. The latter is so powerful that nothing, including light, can escape from it. Black holes come in many different forms of mass, which translates to different effects on their surroundings.

The object of interest of the authors of recent research has been black holes. Scientists wanted to know how they might behave in binary systems

As one of the authors of the new research, Oscar Dias, explains, according to the Standard Model, the universe arose as a result of the Big Bang and was controlled by a mysterious force about 9.8 billion years ago. We are talking about so-called dark energy, which would play a major role in the expansion of the universe. It therefore seems likely that he is in constant motion. This in turn raises very interesting implications regarding interactions between black holes.

Modeling conducted by the authors of the latest research showed that two static black holes could exist in equilibrium. This means that its gravity is balanced by the expansion associated with the cosmological constant. Even if the expansion of the universe could separate these objects, their gravity must balance them.

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During observations, such two balanced black holes could appear as one. Understanding that we are actually dealing with two would be very difficult, so it cannot be ruled out that over the years of research devoted to these objects, scientists approached them completely incorrectly. Moreover, according to the authors, their theory need not be limited only to static black holes. It may even be accurate in the case of rotating systems, including not only binary systems but also those made up of three or four black holes.

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