Gymkhana 2022. What Travis Pastrana does is beyond human comprehension.  This is a must see [WIDEO]

“This is how it should have been from the start!” – I thought, watching with a flushed face the successive stunts that Travis Pastrana performed behind the wheel of an 874-horsepower Subaru GL wagon. The Gymkhana 2022 event is taking place in Florida, so it’s only natural that it should be kept in a holiday mood. However, this talented motorcyclist and rally driver quickly forgoes sunbathing on the beach to do what he does best – acrobatic displays and stunt slides.

Photo: Hoonigan

Idyll on the beach? In any case!

With previous versions of Gymkhana – whether with Ken Block or Travis Pastrana – Hoonigan set the bar really high. So the high expectations for this year’s clip are justified. Did the Americans respond to the verdict? You’d better judge for yourself by watching the latest production to the end. One thing I can promise you – it’s 10 minutes of great fun!

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