He sells T-shirts with images of Saint-Xavier's cows

A Montreal tic-tac-toe has launched a line of clothing and other derivative products featuring the now-famous Saint-Sauveur cow motif, in Morrissey.

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Since the infamous runaway cow story began, Matthew Murphy-Perron has been posting editorial videos on his TikTok account. Within days, his interventions went viral on the internet with the hashtag #TeamCows.

“I wanted to share the story of Running Cows with an English-speaking audience. It went around French-speaking Quebec, but I thought English-speaking people would definitely be interested in getting the history of our cows,” he said in an interview with QMI.

“I expected it to be a bit of a catch-all story, but not to the height of catch-up. I saw a lot, loved it, got a lot of feedback. Everyone was excited about these animals, everyone loved them.[elles] Be free forever.”

Faced with this excitement, Mathieu Murphy-Perron wanted to “do something to help animals in Quebec, especially farm animals.”

The Montrealer has thus opened an online store with derivative products such as T-shirts and macaroons like “Liberte”, “Outlaw”, or “Bovine Revolution”. Since December 1, sales are about $3,000 and 140 orders have been placed, some with multiple products.

Screenshot from Mathieu Murphy-Peron’s TikTok video

The money raised is donated to Estrie Farm Animal Sanctuary (SAFE), Mr. Murphy-Perron said.

Recall that last May, a herd of about twenty animals spooked on a stormy evening and broke through the fence of their enclosure on a farm in Saint-Barnabe.

The 24 cows and some calves wandered the Saint-Barnabé sector for several weeks, plundering several fields before landing in Saint-Sévère. After that, no one could bring them back into the fold.

Faced with the problem, the municipality of Saint-Sévère contacted Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), which is still trying to mobilize resources to catch them. The wildlife ministry, on its part, pointed out that it cannot intervene as these are not wild animals. On this side, the Sûreté du Québec has indicated that it can only intervene if animals are found on the roads.

The town of Saint-Sévère called in cowboys from Saint-Tite to try and regroup the herd, in vain.

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