June 11, 2023


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GTA with cowboys from the creators of Grand Theft Horse. Cowboys and Rustlers in the trailer

In 2021, the premiere of Rustler takes place, a game hailed as a “medieval GTA” or “Grand Theft Horse”. The developers continue this concept by introducing Cowboys and Rustlers. The game is set in the Wild West.

Cowboys and Rustlers doesn’t change Rustler’s premise, it just throws those interested in a new place. The developers want to offer players a “unique friendship between a man and a horse” – this is the description of the plot:

Enjoy the story of two outlaw friends – an overzealous horse thief and a sarcastic talking horse – told through the magic of a top-down action game. Rob banks, ride rollercoasters, summon ghosts in cemeteries, and in the meantime help your horse buddy finally write his revolutionary novel of fantasy Scientific.

The creators will invite players to “a little wild and a little weird west” and again the game will not lack humor – in Cowboys and Rustlers we will find a lot of “cowboys, skateboards, dusty cities and photocells”. Everyone loves their guns and spittoons, and the pianist’s teeth are his favorite instrument.

The first trailer and screenshots posted show plenty of footage from the game itself, but Sigur Studio is not currently revealing which platforms it’s targeting. However, the game has made its way to Steam, where we can wishlist the item.

Rustler simultaneously hit PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, Cowboys and Rustlers will likely follow the same path.

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