Ukrainian tells what she heard from the Russians.  “They’ve had it in their heads since they were kids.”

Press materials / Tymex Boxing Promotions / Pictured: Sasha Sidorenko

Peter Popakowski

Aleksandra Sidorenko is grateful to the Poles for the help that was provided to their compatriots after the outbreak of the war, for which the Putin regime is responsible. – The Russians said: we never sell, – adds the boxer.

Aleksandra “Sasha” Sidorenko moved to Poland in 2014 and obtained Polish citizenship. The titled professional boxer previously represented Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy Onet, the 2017 European Champion spoke about her experience with Russia.

Sidorenko always faced contacts with the Russians, for example during joint preparatory camps, with their superiority.

– We felt that they considered themselves the best. They were saying, “We never sell out.” And who wants to buy you to sell yourself? They already had such a subconscious behavior that they are a mighty empire, and they are invincible. “It bothered us,” she said.

– They may have been on their minds since childhood, so there is no wonder in their behavior. And in sports such as boxing, where one of the rivals has to beat the other, it was even more pronounced, – added the athlete from Vinnytsia (a town in the central part of Ukraine).

36-year-old Sidorenko appreciates the friendliness, support and help that Ukrainians received from the Poles after the armed invasion of their homeland by Russian troops (the war broke out on February 24, 2022).

– No one else was engaged in such help as the Poles. I’m already allergic to the word “brothers” because of Russian propaganda, so I can say that Poland is our sister. And people in Ukraine feel that way too! Sasha confirmed.

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