GTA from Netflix?  The giant reportedly wants to create its own “Grand Theft Auto.”

GTA is one of the biggest IPs in our industry, the latest installment of which has recorded impressive sales for several years. It seems that Netflix wants to use the potential of the universe, because the company wants to bring Grand Theft Auto to its customers.

For months, the GTA community has been waiting for the announcement of GTA 6. Rockstar is not in a rush to present the game, but the game is supposed to reach the markets in the next fiscal year – although we are still waiting for the adventure. to be displayed.

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Netflix clearly wants to capitalize on the scope of Grand Theft Auto, as the company is becoming more aggressive in entering the gaming industry – According to the Wall Street Journal, the streaming giant is trying to obtain a license to create its own GTA game.

Netflix has reportedly discussed plans to develop its own “Grand Theft Auto” game by licensing the IP from Take-Two.

Sound abstract? Of course yes, but it is worth noting that Netflix wants to challenge Sony and Microsoft. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company no longer wants to do only small and mobile projects, and subsequent games will be available on TVs (streaming) and PCs.

Not only does the company want to use its own IP (“Squid Game”, “Wednesday”), but it’s also talking about creating more products in outside worlds.

Netflix clearly wants to enter the gaming industry, and an IP like Grand Theft Auto will certainly help the company become known to many new gamers.

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