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The volleyball players of Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle showed character and heart in the fight in the second round match of the Champions League for the volleyball players from Group A, but it was not enough for Pankasi’s farms. Thomas Samelvo’s players lost 2-3 after an exciting match.

In the second round match of Group A of the Champions League, the two favorites faced each other. At the opening, both teams lost one match each. The champion of the last two editions, and runner-up Poland, defeated Olympiacos Piraeus of Greece. The Turks, in turn, asserted their superiority over Knak Ruselare.

The Polish runners-up started with good serving from Dmytro Paszicki, which allowed them to pick up a few points from the start. The Turks appeared nervous, as if they were impressed by the quality of the opponent they faced on Wednesday evening. Grupa Azoty ZAKSA is the winner of the last two editions of the Champions League. Although Tomas Samilvo’s side has been plagued by injuries lately, it is still dangerous for the best players, as the Turks discovered from the start (8:12).

Before the match, Zaksa supporters were probably afraid of Bartosz Bednorz’s appearance on the field. The left winger did not play in the PlusLiga match at the weekend due to abdominal problems, but he was at full strength against the Turks and looked impressive. Unlike Oreola Camejo, who was able to attack even from a single block. Unfortunately, at the decisive moment of the set, the Cuban regained his effectiveness. Wouter Ter Maat also became active, the mass of hosts worked and the Turks were able to enjoy the victory.

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In the second group, the match took place point by point. On the visiting side, Bartosz Bednorz regained his effectiveness and was certainly unsuccessful at the end of the opening round. However, the hosts were not going to give up. With the support of a fanatical audience, they regained the initiative after the plays of Wouter ter Maat. The Dutchman fired several times from the 9th metro line and from 12:12 soon became 15:12.

The Turks maintained a very strong level of play until the end of the group. Their varied service was excellent and caused major problems for the hosts of the Polish runner-up. Radoslav Gil, whenever he could, started David Smith in attack. Unfortunately, most of the attacks were launched from the flanks, with only a loud and alert mass of opponents waiting for them. It was this element of the home side’s defense that influenced their victory in the second part.

In the third group, the locals showed their worst performance in all the matches so far. The Polish runner-up took full advantage of this and stayed in the match. This time, Tuomas Sammelvuo players came out on top from the first match. Wingers Aleksandar Śliwka and Łukasz Kaczmarek regained their effectiveness. The defense worked well, especially the Polish team’s mass. Most importantly, the serve was effective and Kędzierzyn’s team had to risk it to turn the tide of the match (12:15).

ZAKSA gained momentum with each subsequent action, eliminating the attacking power of the Ankara team. We were able to exclude Wouter ter Maat and Oriol Camejo from the match. Alone, Matthew Anderson tried masturbating alone for a long time. But as time passed, his enthusiasm faded.

ZAKSA clearly gained momentum and followed suit in the next round. The competitors, in turn, were breathing more heavily. Arslan Eksi began to lack accuracy. Matthew Anderson was wrong. On the other hand, Grupa Azoty ZAKSA’s wingers went crazy. Łukasz Kaczmarek looked like himself from the best games of last season, as did Aleksander Śliwka. Bartosz Bednorz looked good and had good and bad moments during the match (6:11).

The Ankara team had absolutely no idea how to reverse the combination. A short break on the part of the guests allowed the Turks to reduce the gap to two points for only a moment (9:11). However, the visitors quickly recovered and regained the initiative after a break at the request of Thomas Samelvo. There was almost no element of the Polish runners-up’s side not working. This definitely got on the hosts’ nerves. Wouter ter Maat made more and more mistakes, and Benny Tuoinstra started scoring. ZAKSA had five points and did not lose the lead leading to a tie-break.

In the tiebreaker, the Turks were reborn, competing point by point with the winner of the last two Champions League editions. Zaksa, who appeared to be out of the match after two rounds, was one step away from pulling off the upset. Unfortunately, Matthew Anderson looked great in the crucial moment. The American, as befits a great star, was not mistaken at the most important moment. It was his effectiveness that eventually led to Ankara remaining two points behind.

Bankasi Agriculture Ankara – Group Azoti ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle 3:2 (26:24, 25:22, 18:25, 19:25, 15:12)

Ziraat Bank: Andersson, Camejo, Ter Maat, Texi, Gunes, Bulbul, Bayraktar (Libro) Oraz Tuinstra;

Azoti Zaxa Group: Smith, Paszicki, Bednorz, Sliwka, Kaczmarek, Gil, Shoji (libero)

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