“Green Border” on TVP VOD.  TVP issued a statement

“The Green Border” can be seen in cinemas from September 2023. The film sparked heated debate a few weeks before its cinema premiere. There were accusations of an anti-Polish and anti-state tone, primarily due to the way the border guards were portrayed. The film also includes direct criticism of specific politicians in the current government.

The film “Green Borders” was watched by 137,435 viewers in cinemas during its first weekend. This puts the film in first place when it comes to the opening results of Polish productions in 2023.

Agnieszka Holland's controversial film stirred emotions

“Green Border” is a drama inspired by the events that took place on the Polish-Belarusian border. The film was criticized by former rulers who claimed that it did not present the truth but only Russian propaganda. The Netherlands' image was also rated poorly in TVP's “Wiadomości” and other public media programmes.

– My film is a really honest film of a true patriot. I mean I did it because of my love for Poland. It is the feeling that our country has different faces. But the face I am proud of and most of my countrymen are proud of is the face we saw on the Polish-Ukrainian border at the end of February 2022. Simply put, we Poles can tolerate humanitarianism, we can do it. We can afford to stand in solidarity, to empathize, to empathize, to share the resources we have. “This is Poland for me,” director Agnieszka Holland said on TVN24’s “Kropka nad i” programme.

“Green Border” on TVP VOD. Polish television issued a statement

Telewizja Polska has now announced that “The Green Border” has been added to TVP's live streaming offering. The press release indicated that the film won the Special Jury Prize at the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

“A story about how each of us can unexpectedly find ourselves in a borderline situation and have to choose between good and evil,” we read in the TVP press release.

“This story is fictional, but the film's screenplay was based on real events taking place right next to us. Preparations for the film included hundreds of hours of document analysis, and interviews with refugees, border guards, border residents, activists and experts. “This is cinema engaged with an important subject,” they wrote in the current Green Border. Cinema that opens your eyes, reaches straight to the heart and leaves no one indifferent.”

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