Great Britain.  129 km 2 infection, but no closure.  Johnson's government has flagged the new research

The most recent epidemic equilibrium in Great Britain covers England and Wales, excluding Scotland and Wales Ireland north. Scotland said preliminary data showed 9,360 people were infected on Tuesday.

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Will the new restrictions help fight the epidemic? ask an expert

Great Britain. There will be no lockdown, despite increasing infections

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland announced tightening restrictions to combat the Corona virus after Christmas. government the first show Boris Johnson, who is medically responsible for the England region, has not decided to make the same moves. rely on research, Accordingly, the risk of hospitalization is lower when the advantage is increased by the omicron variant of the coronavirus (compared to the delta variant, which was the most prevalent until recently).

“There will be no new restrictions in England before New Years Eve. But I urge everyone to proceed with caution given the increasing number of cases of the omicron variant. Most importantly, I encourage everyone to have their first, second or booster immunization as soon as possible to protect themselves and loved ones. wrote in social media.

The latest figures show that the number of people infected with the emerging coronavirus in England, the most populous part of the United Kingdom, reached 9,546 on Tuesday, or 6,902 a week ago. However, this is much lower than it was in January, when more than 34,000 people were infected per day. People.


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