Gothic 2 classic gameplay.  The gameplay showcases a returning classic

Gothic Classic has been a huge hit on Nintendo Switch, so players will soon be able to experience Gothic 2 Classic. The title will debut on the Japanese platform next week, and today we can get a look at the first gameplay from the returning production.

Gothic 2 Classic was announced in October, no doubt delighting fans of the series. Gothic has a large group of enthusiasts in Poland, among others, who have been waiting for a remake of the first Gothic, and now they can get acquainted with the returning classic.

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However, Gothic 2 Classic is not an ordinary port, because the developers have made many patches, adapted the interface, and also remembered to improve the controls. The original version is already old, so the developers had to take proper care of its status.

There’s plenty of content waiting for players as Gothic 2 Classic offers over 100 exciting quests, over 500 individual characters (each with their own daily habits), over 12 hours of dialogue, and over 200 different weapons and magic spells.

The published gameplay shows what we can already expect – Gothic 2 Classic hasn’t received any major changes to the setting and the title doesn’t suddenly look like this year’s adventure.

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