Gornik Zabrze fans have strong news.  “Trash like you should be thrown in the trash.”

Fans of Górnik Zabrze from “Torcida” posted a very long message in which the problems of the club's academy and the activities of the city mayor Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik were discussed.

On Sunday, Gornik Zabrze beat Ślěsk Wrocław 2-0 in Extraklassa after a Kamil Lukoczek brace. He is currently in a very good seventh position in the table.

After the win, Mayor of Zabrze, Magorzata Manka-Sulik, published a short post on Facebook.

“Another victory for the tricolor. Gornik Zabrze is a knight this spring. There are three points left in Zabrze. We are always with you. We are in the process of finishing building the stadium, developing the academy and taking care of the players. We are going crazy,” she wrote.

“Torcida” commented on her post, pointing to the latest problems facing the club's academy, whose bank account was due to be seized by the IRS. The fans explained in very strong words that Mańka-Szulik was using the wrongly presented academy theme in his election campaign.

This is the full entry published by “Torcida”:

“Nowadays, no one has a problem with waste sorting.

It's simple for everyone… plastic in the bin with plastic, paper with paper… but here we are dealing with very cumbersome, toxic and smelly waste. Because what do you call someone who steals and preys on children?

Children who constantly brag about their successes, because we are talking about our academy, and again, with all its staff, have been put in a tragic situation. what is he talking about?

To an extent, to a degree!

We have received information that the tax office has confiscated the academy's entire account last week. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all of her money has been seized due to unpaid VAT, including money for a trip to the tournament in the USA… Today, ZUS demanded the money! We're talking about 90 thousand. zloty!!! ZUS has no intention of postponing or publishing anything anymore. They want immediate payment. But how can the academy pay if the invoices sent to the club are unpaid! This is our wonderful duo of losers: aside from Gornick's successive debts, they have brought the academy and these children who bring us so much happiness into a situation where they have no way of working.

In order not to add more VAT debts, instead of the invoice, a so-called “preliminary” invoice was issued in the amount, please note… PLN 260,000. PLN, which is of course not the total debt.

Of course, that doesn't stop these filthy lying pigs from spitting in people's faces, adding posts about how they don't care about players without a salary or an academy with blocked financial resources. Here's the question!

You and Kariko, you arrogant bastard, aren't you ashamed to use this campaign around the academy, which reeks of lies and hypocrisy?

You are the worst kind of trash! You are stealing and exploiting the academy. Although the people of Zabrze have become accustomed to the stench that Tsarina has been unable to cope with for many years, the stench left by such situations is too great for anyone to bear.

So we answer the question from the beginning of the post: trash like you should be thrown in the trash… the dustbin of history! This will happen soon!

Damn your fat lying faces! – We read.

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