"Goncharov", or How the Internet Invented Scorsese's Non-Existent Film with De Niro and Pacino
Have you heard of Goncharov from Martin Scorsese? Martin Scorsese hasn’t been heard either. And if he had already heard of it, he certainly wasn’t the first to know about it. Strange, because it’s supposedly “the best mafia movie ever.” It allegedly starred Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Harvey Keitel. What is the riddle of “Goncharova”?

‘Goncharov’: Scorsese’s forgotten masterpiece?

“Goncharov” is a little-known Martin Scorsese film that premiered in 1973. Robert De Niro plays the titular Goncharov, a former discotheque owner who, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, goes to Naples to become a mafia boss. Also in the cast are Harvey Keitel as Andre “The Banker” Dadano, Gene Hackman as Valerie Micheloff, Al Pacino as Mario Ambrosini, and Sybil Shepherd as Goncharov’s wife Katya. The movie is so good that it has become part of the Criterion exclusive collection.

The problem is that the movie does not exist.

Where did “Goncharov” come from?

It turns out that the “Goncharova” legend was created by the Internet – mainly by Tumblr users. A few years ago someone posted on Tumblr picture Shoes ordered via the Internet, which instead of the manufacturer’s logo have a label printed with the following text: The greatest mafia movie ever. Martin Scorsese presents: “Goncharov.” Production: Domenico Procacci. Directed by Mathieu – JWHJ0715. About the Neapolitan mafia. The post gained notoriety in 2020 when someone commented: This idiot hasn’t seen Goncharov.. It went down from there. Another Tumblr user, Belzebub, even created a production label. And thus the new Martin Scorsese/Old movie was born.

At this moment, “Goncharov” Musical theme (It was written by a teacher from Indiana, inspired by “The Godfather”), Fake VHS release And the video game. Letterboxd claims that it has had to remove a number of reviews of the movie posted by its users. A number of cartoons and cartoons based on “Goncharov” have also been created, as well as over 500 fan fan followings posted on the Archive of Our Own website. Much of this material has a strong lesbian tinge, as sexual tension is said to simmer between Goncharov and Andrei.

Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter posted a photo of Henry Winkler with the caption, “Fonz and I at the Goncharova premiere in 1973.” The photo is actually from the 1977 Golden Globe Awards.

And you? Have you seen “Goncharov”?

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