Gilbert Rosen's lawsuit against Julie Snyder and Penelope McWatt

The Court of Appeals rejected the two women’s request that the action against them be treated as SLAPP. The eight-page ruling was handed down by Judge Mark Schrocker on Friday.

Mrs. Snyder and Ms McWade were the first to ask the Quebec High Court to immediately suspend the proceedings. Judge Yves Poirier rejected their request on January 25 and ruled that the request was not valid No chance of a fair win.

Accusing of legal errors, Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. McWade asked permission from the Quebec Court of Appeal to appeal the ruling. They were dismissed on Friday, and Judge Shruger ruled no No recurring errors.

That means Gilbert Rosen’s defamation suit can be heard on merit.

Founder of Just for Laughs Criticizes Julie Snyder and Penelope McQueed for claiming ownership of the show 4th week Julie On September 29, 2020, he was accused of committing unwanted sexual acts against them – allegations that the concerned Chancellor vehemently denied.

The episode aired just days before the start of a criminal investigation into a businessman accused at the time of sexually abusing another woman, Annie Chart, in 1980. He was finally released in December 2020.

The arguments were rejected

In their movement, Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. McWade argued, among other things, that he intended to pursue Gibert Rosson. The primary purpose Of Restrict their freedom of expression and the “freedom of others” affected.

However, Judge Shruger noted in his judgmentIt does not appear […] Applicants or “other victims” have in fact experienced a prejudice against their freedom of expression Following the filing of the case, first Several cases of sexual harassment have been filed against the defendant From.

Therefore, it is difficult for me to conclude at first glance that the freedom of expression of applicants or others is limited.

A quote An excerpt from the judgment of the Court of Appeal

Further, the magistrate pointed out that Ms Snyder and Ms McQuade did not appear from the file. Facing unequal power relations is the criterion for identifying an SLAPP. Also, it is not requested by the applicantsHe adds.

To invalidate the Court of Appeal’s judgment, Julie Snyder argued that she would be discriminated against if Gilbert Rosen’s action was heard on merit. Smooth And there is a risk that the transcript of this inquiry will be publicized.

In this case, Judge Shaker responded by saying, If […] Confidentiality became a concern, Mrs. Some ways can be put in place to protect the interests of prosecutors, including Snyder..

However, I notice that she uttered abusive words during a television broadcast; They have already been made publicHe wrote.

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