Is Game Pass an expensive project?  Microsoft pays creators 'hundreds of millions of dollars'

Xbox Game Pass is a revolutionary project. The service has undoubtedly set a new trend for the entire industry, and if you believe the latest reports, PlayStation intends to establish its answer soon. Subscriptions are the future, so it’s no wonder that so much attention is being paid to them. It is undoubtedly worth remembering who started it in gaming on a large scale as we have today and what will happen in the next few years.

As it turns out, it’s not cheap work. Xbox CEO Chris Sharla shared some interesting stats. Some of them are also shown in the video we wrote to you a few days ago, but one of them is of particular interest. The man revealed that Xbox has paid out over $2.5 billion in royalties since its inception [email protected]. What is more, Developers and publishers pay “hundreds of millions of dollars” in the form of a licensing fee to list their games on Game Pass.

So we’re talking about really big money – for a lot of people it’s unimaginable. However, if everything continues and thrives well, we can be sure that not only Microsoft’s business is tightening, but also It turned out to be profitable. After all, Game Pass seems to be an inseparable component of the Xboxes themselves today. Moreover, considering my surroundings, I noticed that this service is more and more profitable on the PC.

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