Germany, the environmental disaster on the Oder River negative public phenomenon

Anyone looking for the year’s biggest environmental pollution immediately puts it into consideration Ecological disaster on the Oder River – explained Naboo President Jürg Andreas Kruger. He stressed that the negative title of the Oder is to draw attention to the critical situation in many other rivers in Germany.

The goal of Näbo is to end all environmentally harmful activities on German rivers and to stop works on the Oder, such as deepening the pass or strengthening the banks. The organization is calling for the river to be restored to a state as close to natural as possible.

In the summer, an ecological disaster of historical proportions occurred on the Odra River. It is estimated that at least 360 tons of fish were killed on the German and Polish sides in August. Other river animals also died. Experts believe that salt drainage, along with low water, high temperatures and toxic types of algae, were the main culprits. The German news agency dpa states that until now, it has not been possible to identify the perpetrator of the falls.

negative distinction “dinosaur” It is awarded by Naboo every year for the most damaging nature conservation events.


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