Germany is building a nuclear reactor in Rwanda.  On the Rhine the subject “died”

Nuclear power is dead in Germany – said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the beginning of September, thus suppressing the discussion about the future role of this method of power generation on the Rhine (Germany disconnected the last reactors from the electricity grid in April of this year – editor’s note). But this does not prevent German physicists from doing so Reviving this technology in other countriesThey are currently working on new types of nuclear reactors.

Scientists from Dual Fluid Energy developed this concept Completely new reactorwhich is not only safe, but will also solve the problem of burdensome waste generated during the operation of classical nuclear power plants.

because Implementing any nuclear ideas in Germany is almost impossible at the momentthe people behind Dual Fluid Energy decided to establish their company in Canada in 2021. There they began the licensing procedure for their baby: a nuclear reactor based on the “dual fluid” principle (from English, dual fluid means “double fluid” or “double fluid” – Editor’s note).

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