January 31, 2023


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Astronomers say they have found the source of the Milky Way's cosmic rays

Scientists discover 900-year-old Chinese supernova source

The event occurred in the year 1181, when observers saw a bright dot in the sky in China and Japan Saturn. It took six months for it to disappear. Hundreds of years have passed, and modern scientists believe they may have found the source of this light.

12th century observers left notes that modern astronomers use as guidelines. The point emits light between the Chinese constellations Chuanshe and Huagai (near modern Cassiopeia). This led the scientists to their goal.


AG Carinae was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope

It was most likely the source of the glow A nebula named Pa30which is expanding very rapidly. According to scientists from Hong Kong, Great Britain, Spain, Hungary and France, the gas and dust emitted from them will be able to travel the distance from Earth to the Moon in just five minutes.

The nebula was formed from a rare type Iax supernova, such as east arc. They represent about 10 percent. Explosions like this. It was weak and fading slowly.

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