German companies continue to support Putin’s regime, and some are even investing.  They explain it… humanitarian issues

After the war broke out, many companies decided to stop selling their products in Russia so as not to support Putin’s regime and not contribute taxes to the Kremlin’s war coffers, Bild asserts. However, he notes, this isn’t the case for all companies, with French canned vegetable producer Bonduelle recently causing a lot of outrage.

– “There are posts on social media that the company was supposed to send food to the Russian soldiers. Specifically, there were 10,000 Christmas parcels with canned corn and peas. Pondel also allegedly attached a message wishing the soldiers a Happy New Year and a Happy New Year. “Quick victory.”

Bild describes.

Bondell reacted quickly, arguing that the information was “false” and “misleading”. “The measures that have been taken so far in Russia are aimed solely at ensuring access to basic foodstuffs for the population,” Pondel said in a statement.

– “Despite the bloody Russian attacks in Ukraine, 21 German companies are still operating and continue to gladly sell their products and services in Russia”

– writes Bild. This group includes for example the medical companies (Braun, Fresenius or Siemens Healthineers), the New Yorker clothing chain and the Storck confectionery factory (owner of the brands Toffifee, Merci and Nimm2), the newspaper enumerates. Refers to a list maintained by the US Yale University, which has more than 1.2 thousand. International corporations and follows their reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Bayer pharmaceutical group has stopped advertising and investing in Russia, but continues to sell “basic products” there. – “We feel a moral obligation to the civilian population of Russia,” – explained its chairman Werner Baumann. German pharmaceutical company Merck is still active in Russia, even planning to increase the number of employees there.

Ehrmann, a leading yogurt producer, also continues to sell its products in Russia, but is “refraining from new investments,” Bild reports. German chocolate maker Ritter Sport has also stopped new investments and advertising in the Russian market, but continues to do business there. The company announced that it intends to donate profits from the Russian market for social purposes, but so far Bild has not been able to determine “whether the donation has actually been transferred and to whom.”

Activities in Russia were limited, but still present on the Russian market: cosmetics group Beiersdorf – owner of the Nivea brand, insurance group Allianz, technology company Bosch, logistics company Schenker (owned by Deutsche Bahn), manufacturer of household appliances Miele and giant Software.

Source: Bild,

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