Garfield – Movie Review

Garfield is one of the most popular cats in the world. Everyone knows him. This narcissistic, lazy, always hungry couch potato (with a particular weakness for lasagna) conquered the world in 1976. Cartoonist Jim Davis’ short comic strips then began publishing in the city newspaper Pendleton Times-Post, and slowly spread to a wider range of readers. After a few years, they were entertaining people all over the United States. My first contact with them was when I was a little kid, while randomly browsing “Gazeta Wyborcza”. I was immediately impressed by Davis’ sense of humor. This satirical look at everyday life was light and unobtrusive, and at the same time very funny. Later, I found an anime series on TV, which I also liked. However, the overweight redhead’s good streak has finally come to an end. None of the five cinema films (even the live-action film from 2004, in which Bill Murray mistakenly provided the voice of the lead actor in the American version and Marek Kondrat in the Polish version) made it to the world. They were average at best. Maybe that’s why we had to wait 15 years for the next full production?

Sony, perhaps encouraged by the many successes of its animated productions, decided to follow suit and once again present viewers with the adventures of Garfield, Odie the dog and their owner John. Visually, the film looks great. Although everything was made on a computer, using 3D technology, the characters look like they were taken straight from Jim Davis’ comics. Moreover, the animation is smooth, colorful and very pleasing to the eye. the beginning Garvilda Interesting too. John found a kitten in the street. So he took it home and spoiled it as much as he could. There’s a lot of comic book humor in this flashback. We have a funny competition between cat and dog for the master, as well as the cat’s dominant personality strongly emphasized.

Unfortunately, the good start was ruined. The creators decided to tell the story of the cat’s birth and find out who his father is and why he left him in a dark alley. Paul A. Kaplan and David Reynolds, who wrote the screenplay, move unnecessarily into the heist movie genre. Our heroes must plan and execute a heist on one of the largest dairy factories in the area. All on the orders of the crazy cat Jinx.

The story written by the screenwriters is boring and fails to engage. Even young viewers start getting restless in their cinema seats after some time. This is, among other things, the fault of Vic, Garfield’s biological father. He’s cute and looks like a monster on steroids. Additionally, Jinx’s motives are terribly far-fetched. It’s as if the screenwriters ran out of ideas for the villain and came up with it on the spot, right before presenting the script.

I’ve watched Garvilda In the original version I must say the dubbing crew did not blow me away. Chris Pratt Like the title letter and Samuel L. Jackson Like his father they were average. They couldn’t muster more energy that would transfer to their heroes. They are nice. Hannah Waddingham She tries to make her Jinx stand out from the other crazies in children’s cinema, but her character is poorly written. It’s a shame, because the potential of this actor was enormous.

I don’t really know who the new animated film is aimed at Garfield. Certainly not for fans who know this redhead from the comics – after all, the creators decided to completely ignore them and went in an unknown direction. If we watch Garfield’s domestic battles with Odie and John with Jim Davis’ signature humor, it might interest older viewers. It seems to me that young people also have more refined taste. Recently they have had great productions like Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Mitchells vs. machines, Transfer from whether Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. They won’t swallow anything on the big screen.

Mark Dindal since parting ways with Disney, the company he created Little chicken In 2005 he did not direct any other film. Hiring him for this project may have been a mistake. His rather poor filmography includes only animation The king’s new clothes She had something interesting to offer the audience. The rest is modest, for whom now – I write this with great pain! – Garfield joined.

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