Waffle included in dinner price.  We have checked the prices by sea

The June long weekend has begun. The weather is good, so many people went for a short vacation by the sea. We went to Tricity to check the prices for this year’s ice cream, pies and lunch dishes, and as some tourists comment, they are high.

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Hot weather makes ice cream the most popular snack. This year, the handle costs at least PLN 7 – but you can find it at ul. Świętojańska in Gdynia, about 500 meters from the beach.

The closer to the beach, the more expensive it is, because in the kiosks at the entrances you have to pay 8-9 PLN per scoop. The cost of Italian ice cream ranges from PLN 12 for a small size to PLN 15 for a large size. For an ice cream dessert consisting of two scoops of ice cream, fruits and whipped cream, you have to spend 30 PLN out of pocket. In short, if each member of a family of four orders two scoops of ice cream, they will have to pay PLN 72.

Ice cream prices were commented by a tourist vacationing with her family. -I understand inflation and prices, but 9 PLN per scoop is a really big amount. In my city in central Poland, a scoop of ice cream costs 5 PLN, so the difference is quite big. They are almost half cheaper. This is an exaggeration because it is expensive – said a tourist from Poland in an interview with money.pl.

Another snack that tourists enjoy at the seaside are the popular pancakes. This year, a dry waffle in Gdynia costs around PLN 10, and each topping must be paid for separately. A rich waffle with whipped cream, fruits and topping costs PLN 27.

However, this is not the most expensive waffle in Gdynia. The most expensive one costs 39 Polish zlotys Toppings include milk, white chocolate, whipped cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and our famous Kinder chocolate. This snack is more expensive than the average dinner that we can order in a restaurant.

Many people come to the seaside and want to eat fried fish. How much does this pleasure cost? For 100 grams of cod fillet you have to pay PLN 16, and the fish fryer on the waterfront indicates that the serving is from 200 to 350 grams, so for the fish itself we should expect from PLN 32 to PLN 56 – of course , Without additions. Adding a 100-gram serving of fried potatoes and a mix of salads, the price of dinner ranges from PLN 57 to PLN 81.

However, trout and salmon are more expensive. In this case, a 100-gram serving costs 18 zlotys, so the cost of the same fish without any additives will range from 36 zlotys to 63 zlotys. In both cases, we add 25 PLN for french fries and salads, and for dinner you have to pay from 61 PLN up to 88 PLN. This means that a family of four can pay up to PLN 350 for dinner.

This fry shop at least lists how much an average portion weighs, but most don’t. Then, when you pay, a big surprise is the actual cost of the dinner. It shouldn’t be like that. In fact, I have no weight in my eyes and I don’t know if a particular restaurant cheated me – comments Ms. Isabella, a tourist in Gdynia, in an interview with money.pl.

Dinner sets are definitely cheaper than fish. In this case, a piece of pork or devolay steak with side dishes costs 36 PLN.

However, holidays also include different attractions. For example, a trip to Gdynia Aquarium for a family of four costs PLN 124. The cost of the cruise to Hel and back is PLN 500.

Toy sales at the beach are also booming. This year, a small plush seal costs about PLN 45. A plastic boat with a paddle costs 25 PLN.

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