Game of Fortune movie review

Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) is a mercenary whose services are used often and willingly by the British government. Of course, unofficially. His contact is former CIA agent Nathan Jasmine (Cary Elwes). He’s the one getting the information that arms dealer Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant) will soon acquire a very dangerous item which he intends to sell to the terrorist who pays the most. However, it is not known what is the subject of great interest. Luck is blocking the deal. To do this, he must infiltrate Simmonds’ entourage. He will do so thanks to his favorite Hollywood actor Dani Francesco (Josh Hartnett).

Guy Ritchie is an expert in creating multi-threaded action cinema, where the viewer does not know what is going on until the end, but cannot take his eyes off the screen. I won’t hide my best when this British director makes gangster cinema, like this: Gentlemen or a spy Codename UNCLE from the family. I think his version Aladdin Totally useless and unnecessary. I have a feeling I have a similar opinion about the one he created Hercules. However, when he talks about the mafia or special agents wreaking havoc, he does so in an unusual style. He knows how to lead the actors so that they easily deceive the viewer and his funny and sarcastic scripts. Once again, Ritchie has cast Jason Statham in the lead role and I’m not surprised at all. He perfectly fits the role of the rough version of James Bond, and this is how Orson Fortuna was created. He’s an agent who loves luxury: expensive apartments, private jets, and fast sports cars. The only thing that sets him apart from the iconic 007 is his lack of morals and lackluster ego. Accompanying him on his new mission is charming new tech specialist Sarah Wedel (Aubrey Plaza) and Special Duty man JJ (Bugzy Malone). However not quite an easy task, it turns out that the British government didn’t hire the Fortuna group just to intercept a valuable shipment.

Written by Marn Davies and Evan Atkinson, the story isn’t too complicated. However, it has the right personality of spy cinema, interesting twists and very original characters. The lead here is devilish, but also hilarious, played perfectly by Hugh Gant. He steals the show every time he’s on screen. This is one of those characters that can go from a funny party guest to an actual evil incarnation in a very fluid way. Grant had a great time creating this character and the audience with him. I also suspect that some of the scenes showing his indifference were improvised by the actor, although there is no evidence for this.

Josh Hartnett also gives a great performance, though his character is a stereotypical satire about Hollywood stars who think they are more eloquent and important than they really are. Danny Francesco in his version is a very clumsy, yet very charming man who is trying to find his place in the situation in which Fortuna has put him.

There is no need to write about Jason Statham, because he delivers exactly what we ask of him. Lots of well-thought-out hand-to-hand combat and plenty of funny one-liners delivered at the right moments. This is his typical production. It does not stand out from dozens of previous games at all. The same goes for Aubrey Plaza, who recently gave us an amazing performance in the second season of the series white lotusAnd here he is playing sluggishly. In her defense, I will write that Sarah’s character is not well written, and therefore the actress has nothing to prove. So she does her best to give her character a certain personality and not allow the three gentlemen with whom she has come to play scenes to control her. And it does the job admirably.

luck game It’s a defining film in Ritchite’s oeuvre, with almost no slow motion, and the director has been loving it a lot lately. This is a classic spy story full of action and humor. Such a light action hero to provide us with entertainment. There is no deeper thought or message here. It’s not a level Gentlemen. If I had to compare him to something, it would be his last movie, ie Angry man. It is not a defect. I just need a movie like this. A spy movie with a lot of action and that’s what you got.

luck game

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