New Year’s Eve at gas stations.  Prices are on a “similar level”

From January 1, 2023, fuel is again subject to the standard VAT rate. No increases in sight. Given the recent events in the wholesale market – no wonder.

We’re waiting for 95 gas. The station employee answered me when I ask about the price of fuel at the checkout. On Sunday morning, the station tower showed no value. Nothing abnormal. Even on the last day of the year, there were lines at this point, and drivers were refueling in canisters. A similar situation occurs at the station at the local supermarket.

Day after day - changes are not visible
Image source: © WP Autokult | Mateusz Lubczański

Day after day – changes are not visible

On other objects of other networks The increases are not visible Despite the tax increase. A few days ago, Orlen boss Daniel Obajtec reassured the drivers on TVP Info. – The tax return as decided European Commission It shouldn’t have much effect fuel at our stations. We will do our best to ensure that these fuels are at a similar level and we will keep our word, – he said. One would have thought that Orlen, which supplies fuel to Poland, has its own mathematics.

Fortunately for motorists, wholesale fuel prices fell sharply on the last day of the year. Thus, the prices of 95 petrol and diesel increased lowest since early February and March 2022Russian attack on Ukraine. Prices were 95 PLN 5238 per cubic metre. Quite simply: 69 liters per liter less. The diesel fared better: It’s 84 is much lower.

Here too - no major changes
Image source: © WP Autokult | Mateusz Lubczański

Here too – no major changes

The price drop was commented on by economist Ravi Mundiri. Miracles on Orlen. Today, wholesale prices for 95, 98 and Orlen diesel oil are 12 percent cheaper overnight. The analyst pointed out that the zloty and oil will remain the same, and tomorrow the value-added tax on fuel will rise from 8 percent. To 23 percent and if they reduce VAT today and add VAT tomorrow, it will be the same. Drivers paid more than PLN 700 per ton? (original spelling – editor’s note) asked the expert.

However, e-gasoline analysts are a little less optimistic. Their projections indicate increments that should be felt strongly, especially in the event of diesel. The average prices advertised for January 1-8, 2022 are in the range 7.84 PLN – 7.99 PLN per liter, While the last reading was 7.66 Polish zlotys. It will also become more expensive 95- Gasoline – from 6.53 PLN per liter to PLN 6.68 – PLN 6.83.00 zlotys

Who is right? President Obajtek promised a “similar level” of prices. This is a very “safe” password.

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