Galaxy is acting against the rules.  Astronomers detected the blocked emissions

Where does this name come from? The reason is simple: such lines do not occur naturally on Earth. However, they exist in other parts of the universe. Let’s imagine a scenario where the emission line in the spectrum comes only from a low-density gas. Such conditions may exist inside nebulae, for example, but they do not exist naturally on our planet, where gases are denser.

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Recent observations targeting spiral galaxy MCG-01-24-014 have yielded valuable information. This object has a very active core, which is why it is called an active galaxy. Going further with this classification, it can also be assigned to the group of Seyfert type 2 galaxies. Such galaxies are usually located relatively close to the Earth (but remember that we are talking about cosmic distance scales), while objects similar to them, i.e. Quasars are usually very distant.

Active galaxy MCG-01-24-014 shows blocked emission lines due to the different density of gas there than on Earth.

But let’s move on to another issue: the composition of the spectral lines themselves. They are created because certain atoms and molecules absorb and emit light at precisely defined wavelengths. This is because electrons can exist in narrow energy bands, which correspond to the specific wavelengths they absorb or emit. This explains why some emission lines are labeled prohibited.

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When observations are made that suggest the presence of lines that should not be seen in theory, they are in some ways inconsistent with the principles of quantum physics. Of course, the universe has many mysteries that are still waiting to be explained, and we should not rely solely on the results of research conducted on Earth. In this way, we will come to the conclusion that something is impossible, but reality will show us that such limitations exist only on our planet. And in distant space? Not necessarily anymore.

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