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A poster has been placed in Lublin stating that COVID-19 vaccines “benefit from the crime of abortion”. However, scientists assert that the content of the bulletin board is wrong.

in the Mujahideen. Zana In Lublin, a billboard has been put up with information that COVID-19 vaccines “use the crime of abortion”. The authors of the graphs indicated that all preparations used for inoculation are tested and produced on cell lines from tissues collected from aborted babies.

Many residents are shocked and stunned by the content provided. They also point out that the poster was placed on a busy street where many children pass. There are also sayings that this is another act aimed at dividing society.

Scientists confirm that the content of the billboard is wrong. Professor Paweł Krawczyk from the Medical University of Lublin, in an interview with Radio Lublin, pointed out that the mRNA vaccines, which are made by Pfizer and Moderna, are produced cell-free, thus contrary to what the label shows. In contrast, the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson antigen vaccines are produced in the HEK cell line, which is obtained from embryonic kidney cells. However, these were taken in the 1970s and have been used in in vitro vaccine production ever since.

Experts point out that this knowledge is widely known in the scientific community and available. So they were surprised by the fact that such content is placed in the public space. They suspect that the poster’s author or authors’ sole goal is to discourage vaccination.

The billboard was placed, as the inscription indicates, by the Życie i Rodzina Foundation. However, its representatives cannot be contacted. The police and municipal police were informed of everything. Voivodeship already knows everything. Talks are currently underway with lawyers on this matter.

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