fuel prices.  How much do we pay for refueling on May 2, 2022?

In the last days of April, the graphs of wholesale fuel prices, especially oils, took a sharp upward trend. Prices for the most popular “95” gasoline in refineries increased by 6.19 percent during the week, which translates to an increase of 364.80 PLN per 1000 liters, in the case of diesel fuel and heating oils, increases were also noticeable – from 4.9 to 7, 86 percent , resulting in an increase of PLN 325 for diesel and PLN 411.80 / 1000 liters on heating oil, respectively.

Today, for bulk fuel you have to pay an average PLN 6,260.80 net for 1,000 liters of 95 unleaded gasoline and PLN 6,959.20 net for diesel. However, this is not the end of bullish changes in the price lists of refineries, but there is a possibility that the dynamics of the changes will be weaker, which could moderate some price increases in gas station towers.

fuel prices. How much will we pay for refueling at the beginning of May?

An analysis of retail fuel prices in Poland by e-petrol.pl shows that the price of the popular unleaded gasoline rose last week – at the beginning of the week, the price of a liter “95” was 6.49 PLN and diesel oil for which one liter had to be paid on average ​7.21 PLN. Only automobile gas prices resisted the increases, and LPG cost an average of PLN 3.62 at stations.

If in the coming days gas station owners decide to introduce an increase in retail prices as a result of changes in wholesale prices and increase their margins on diesel fuel, at least slightly, then drivers who arrive at the station to refuel will have to expect new other price lists this weekend. In the case of the popular “95” gasoline, the average price nationwide should be in the range of PLN 6.47-6.59. Diesel can cost from 7.21 to 7.37 liters at some stations. In the case of autonomous gas, prices are likely to change only slightly and should usually be in the range of 3.62-3.73 per liter.

fuel prices. At the moment, stations are making their money from autogas

The reference retail margin on 95 liters of gasoline in the first four months of 2022 was on average PLN 0.20, and on diesel fuel PLN 0.14 – according to the calculations of e-petrol.pl. In March, the retail margin on gasoline was 0.35 per liter, and in April it fell to only 0.22 PLN. In the case of diesel oil, the average margin decreased from PLN 0.37 in March to PLN 0.07 in April. In the last week of April, the retail margin for “95” gasoline was about PLN 0.14, and on diesel, sellers earned only PLN 0.25. Autogas was the only fuel whose retail margin was relatively high. On average from the beginning of the year (January – April) it was PLN 0.29, however, the data from April, when the retail margin on LPG was calculated by the e-petrol.pl portal at about PLN 0.00, had an impact Significant influence on this average score.

source: e-petrol.pl / information market

fuel prices. What is the situation today?

Fuel prices at selected petrol stations (prices until May 2, 2022)

Gasoline PB 95

Intermarsh, Poznan – PLN 6.55 / l
Orlin, Zielona Jura – PLN 6.56 / l
Shell, Ziluna Jura – PLN 6.57 / l
BP, Gorzów Wielkopolski – 6.67 PLN / liter


Circle K, Warsaw – PLN 7.21 / liter
Shell, Ziluna Jura – PLN 7.39 / l
E. Leclerc, Wroclaw – PLN 7.39 / liter
Orlen, Zielona Góra – 7.42 PLN / liter

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