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– From Tuesday, adults can get the flu vaccination for free – said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Wojciech Adrosewicz, at a press conference on Monday. Do I need a referral for vaccination? We explain what to do to get a free flu vaccine.

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Influenza vaccination It was free only for the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, paramedics and regular services. However, the government has decided that from Tuesday 23 November all adults in Poland will be able to benefit from free vaccinations against

Currently, the Strategic Reserves Agency has “a very large number of influenza vaccines,” but there are no such vaccines on the drugstore market, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said during Monday’s press conference.

“[…] We see that nearly 3000 vaccination points do not report on vaccines. This means that people from these risk groups do not use these vaccines, hence the quick decision of the Minister of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, to launch vaccinations for people over 18 years old from tomorrow ”- said Wojciech-Adrusiewicz.

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Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines can be given simultaneously

How do I get free flu vaccinations?

You do not need a referral or prescription to get the flu shot. After vaccination, the patient’s Internet account will contain information about the dose taken.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health explained during a press conference that from Tuesday, every adult can go to the clinic, which is the vaccination center, and request a flu shot.

“There is no reason to refuse POZ, because there are more than 1 million vaccines available at the moment in the State Agency for Strategic Reserves and these vaccines can be transferred on an ongoing basis” – emphasized Andrusiewicz.

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Source: PAP / Klaudia Torchała

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