Franciszek stwierdził, że jest gotowy pojechać do Ukrainy. Taką deklarację złożył w czasie konferencji prasowej w samolocie lecącym z Malty do Rzymu. Papież wspomniał też o możliwym spotkaniu z Cyrylem.

Francesc said he was ready to go to Ukraine. He made this statement during a press conference on a flight from Malta to Rome. The Pope also indicated a possible meeting with Cyril.

On Sunday, Francis concluded his two-day visit to Malta. On the return trip to Rome, the Pope traditionally answered several questions from the journalists who were on the plane.

The Pope once again announced that he is ready to go to Ukraine. I’m willing to do everything I can – He said. I don’t know if this can be done or is it possible – added.

Francis also defended the Vatican’s diplomacy approach to the war in Ukraine and made clear that not every action could be made public. The Holy See, especially the diplomatic side, does it all, Card. Parolin and card. Gallagher is doing his best. advertiser.

Let us remind you that so far the Vatican has not officially mentioned Russia as the aggressor, and in some interviews with the Vatican Secretary of State Card. Petro Parolin questioned the legitimacy of the defense of the Ukrainian army. Every war is born of injustice – He said the war in Ukraine was a “personal pain” to him.

Surprising silence of Francis and the Vatican on the Russian aggression against Ukraine

Francesc also added that he had not spoken to Vladimir Putin since the beginning of the invasionHe contacted the Russian authorities only through the ambassador to the Vatican. Here he mentions his visit to the Russian embassy, ​​which he went to more than a month ago.

He added that he had twice spoken by phone with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Francesc mentioned that there are two flights “in the game”. President Duda asked me to send Cardinal Krajewski to visit the Ukrainians recognized in Poland – pointed out.

The Pope also mentioned that his meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow, Cyril, had been planned for a long timeWho directly supports the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Work on this continues. The Middle East is seen as a meeting place – betrayal.

Francesc also answered questions about his health. He had obvious walking problems while visiting Malta. He admitted that sciatica, which he had suffered for several years, was still a nuisance to him.

In addition, the Pope in Malta had knee problems. He couldn’t use the airport stairs and got into the plane by a private elevator. He sat most of the time during Sunday Mass, and did not rise from his chair while driving the door carriage. My health is a little fluctuating, but it is getting better, at least I can walk, I could not do it for a week – advertiser.

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