June 2, 2023


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Beatrice Picard says goodbye to Marge Simpson

“Hummer! To most Quebecers, she is Marge Simpson. More than a scratchy voice: the instincts, the tone, the hesitations – “Hmmm” -, mixed with authority and affection for her stupid husband and her three children. Beatrice Picard, who brought the small screen’s most famous mom to life, is bowing out after 33 seasons.

“It’s time for me to leave the role before it leaves me,” the actress says in an interview Pres He has finished dubbing for the last episode of the next season. She was presented with a bouquet at Diffuse Studio to mark the occasion.

Photo from the Diffuse Facebook page

Beatrice Picard dubbed Marge Simpson’s voice during her last session

“I’m 94, underlines the doyenne of Quebec distribution. I think I’m a little old for Marge. According to various clues left in the series by Fox 34 anchor Matt Groening, the head of the family with the dizzying blue bun frozen in time is not yet forty.”e Season in America.

Beatrice Picard has lent her voice to Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson since the campy 1989 sitcom’s debut in Springfield. By comparison, her American co-star Julie Governer is 72, while French voice actress Véronique Augereau is showing. In the mid-sixties.

Not prone to nostalgia, Quebec actress Marge Simpson, born Bouvier, asserts that she would have been “just another role” in her long career. However, especially by reading the comments posted on social networks on Wednesday, it is clear that his interpreter will not be a voice “like the others” for an entire generation of followers of the yellow family. It provokes laughter.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Archives Law Press

Beatrice Picard recorded Marge Simpson’s voice at Cinélume Studios in 2007.

“Today, a page, even a chapter, in the history of Quebec dubbing has changed”, for example, wrote Guy-Antoine Saint-Cyr, comedy writer and “die-hard fan” of The Simpsons, on Facebook. “Thanks to Beatrice Picard for rocking my whole life, with her raspy voice. It’s a well-deserved break.”

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Let’s be a little more persuasive: Don’t The Simpsons and Matriarch Simpson, who has been voicing for more than 30 years, have some points in common? “She’s a woman who has a lot of influence on the rest of the family because she’s the chief organiser, leaving Beatrice Picard behind. Maybe it’s the small side of me. »

A different environment

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Beatrice Picard admits she has lost some joy in her work as a once “very pleasant” voice actress. “It’s a little more complicated. Before, we worked as a team, which I really liked, and now, we’re all alone in the studio to say our lines. »

Remember that the Quebec team The Simpsons It has lost quite a few players in recent years. Hubert Gagnon, who played Homer for 27 years, retired in 2017. He died of cancer three years later.

Meanwhile, the obnoxious Mr. Burns had to redefine himself after his co-star, Edgar Fruitier, from 1989 to 2019, was sued for indecently assaulting a minor. He was found guilty in July 2020.

It wasn’t drama, however, when Marc LaBrech passed the Krusty the Clown torch to Gilbert Lachance in 2007.

Beatrice Pickard reassures nostalgia: Marge Simpson’s future is in good hands. “The person who replaces me must be mistaken,” he said. You won’t even notice the difference. She works very, very well. »

Photo from Fox’s Facebook page

Marge Simpson in season 33 The Simpsons

Milhouse’s translator, actress Chantal Baril, has been replaced by Beatrice Picard.

The 93-year-old actress is working on new projects. “It’s my break from Marge, but not from Beatrice,” he promises, like the character Marjorie Bouvier, whose snubs multiply as time goes on.

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