Z powodu groźnego wypadku już na początku pierwszego okrążenia przerwany został wyścig o Grand Prix Wielkiej Brytanii, 10. runda mistrzostw świata Formuły 1. Ucierpiał chiński kierowca Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen Zhou Ganyu. Jak poinformował jego team, 23-latek jest przytomny i przechodzi badania w centrum medycznym.

Because of a serious accident, the British Grand Prix, the tenth round of the Formula 1 World Championship, was stopped at the beginning of the first lap, the Chinese driver of Alfa Romeo Racing Orlin Zhou Guanyu suffered. According to his team, the 23-year-old is conscious and is undergoing medical examinations.

After the accident at the start of the British Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu and . woke up He went to the medical center on the track, where he is undergoing researchHe tweeted about the team whose reserve driver is Robert Kubica.

The TV broadcast also broadcast the message that a racing engineer had broadcast to Finn Valtteri Bottas, the second Alfa Romeo rider. “choo fine” – confirmed.

Shortly after the start of the race at Silverstone, Briton George Russell (Mercedes), pushed slightly by one of his rivals, collided with a car unfortunately driven by Cho Chinaman’s car flipped over and crashed into her bike, rolling its wheels up. The accident seemed serious. Initially, no reruns were shown – these only appeared on TV broadcasts after it was confirmed that 23-year-old Cho was not seriously injured.

Alexander Albon, representative of Thailand, was also taken to the medical center. The health of the Williams driver is fine.

The race is paused. Competition resumed around 17 However, the previous order to start the competition was restored.

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