Marcin Oleksi on Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappe’s reaction.  “It was a nice gesture.”

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Mateusz Squirawski

At first they didn’t know who I was. When they found out we were competing with each other, they immediately started talking about that goal – Marcin Oleksiy spoke backstage at the FIFA gala, where he won the award for Most Beautiful Goal of 2022.

Did you sleep last night?

Marcin Oleksi: a little. It’s hard for me to even say what I felt when I received the bust. Maybe a little afraid of what it’s going to be like. They announced my name and okay – I have to go on stage, but what do I do next? At first, I bowed my head, and took two deep breaths, so that no tears would fall. And I’m gone.

what do you feel?

Joy, pride that I walk before many stars. Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappe were smiling. They showed fists in my direction as I walked back from the podium to my seat. I answered him the same. They appreciated my goal with this gesture. I had the chance to talk for a while with Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo. They are my role models from Real Madrid. We took a picture together. It was not possible to meet Messi and Mbappe, as they quickly left after the ceremony, accompanied by their bodyguards. I didn’t want to take pictures with everyone, and I didn’t want to upset anyone.

On my social media, I’ve seen thank yous from the football community, though I haven’t had a chance to delve into it yet. My profiles have been “loud” since yesterday.

Was it difficult to get on stage?

I guess I didn’t realize how far this all spread. The stress eventually just left me. When we watched Target again, I screamed on stage, Let go of the emotions. I was afraid of the speech, I spent the whole week trying to understand it. In fact, I don’t even remember what I said.

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Did you have a feeling that you are going to get an award?

Yes, when I scored. Seriously – at the party I was seated by the edge. It smelled like victory to me. I figured they had prepared a more comfortable place for me to go on stage.

I have competed with Dimitri Payet and Richarlison. Congratulations on the goal?

We exchanged a few words before the ceremony. At first they didn’t know who I was. When they found out we were competing together, they immediately started talking about the goal. It was a beautiful goal, Richarlison said. He praised the great work on this shot, and wished him success. After the official ceremony, almost everyone reacted in some way. Many people repeated “Beautiful Aim” as they passed me at the banquet.

What are the plans for the near future?

I’ll sit at home and think what to do next. I don’t want to suddenly leave everything. I have my responsibilities, I have to reconcile everything to return to training and work normally. It’s good that we were able to show the huge work of the compressed soccer environment. This award is for all participants in this sport. I hope football will develop further after the FIFA Gala.

Back to work this week?

I will take it. The guys have already called and asked when I will come to help them at the construction site.

He was interviewed and provided feedback by Mateusz Schwerawski

From building to partying with Leo Messi. Marcin Oleksiy asked one thing: Will I live?

The extraordinary passion of Marcin Oleksy. He’s been doing that for years

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