Fast and Furious – Dwayne Johnson vs. Vin Diesel.  John Cena talks about their feud

Dwayne Johnson i Vin Diesel Some time ago they explained everything to each other openly and formally. Their struggle is over. However, it continued for a long time and affected the series The Fast and the Furious, Who lost Hobbes for a while. a personality Dwayne Johnson Introduced in the fifth installment, according to fans, she was an important and great addition to the family. What does John Cena who played at 9 and 10 think about all this?

Dwayne Johnson vs. Vin Diesel – John Cena Review

John Cena Dax Shepar was a guest on his podcast Armchair Expert. This explained why the conflict between them occurred.

– There are rumors about this matter and I cannot deny them. You have two outstanding players on set, determined people. You have two of them. There can only be one.

He also compared joining the franchise to a wrestling locker room. There he also learned how many people in their families had been involved in wrestling for generations. Then learn a simple truth: you have to adapt to it. Fans speculate that for this reason he may not have necessarily wanted to delve into the conflict between the actors and simply accepted what was happening with them. fast and angry.

– I'm invited to someone's home, to someone's family. Regardless of someone's physical appearance, this is a nine-part intellectual content and action film – and that's rare. At least you have to respect him.

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Let us remember that the conflict between Johnson and Diesel began in 2016. It was officially concluded in 2023. Hobbs appeared in the post-credits scene of the film Fast and Furious 10, foreshadows his conflict with Dante (Jason Momoa). Then there was the announcement that Hobbs would be getting a part of the series that would serve as a bridge between the first ten and the final eleven.

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