Fallout 76’s map will be greatly expanded;  The game attracted several million people
19 December 2023, at 20:17

Bethesda is still somewhat celebrating Fallout 76’s fifth birthday, announcing what new features players can expect in 2024. Additionally, the developer boasted about the numbers. Several million people have already played this title.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks.


Bethesda in short She zoomed in New features await Fallout 76 players in 2024. The coming months promise to be really prosperous, at least “on paper.”

  1. It’s supposed to come out in the spring America’s Stadium – Part two Atlantic City Update. It will introduce new quests, locations and rewards, and players will come face to face with the legendary Jersey Devil.
  2. A little later the map will be expanded. Bethesda plans to add areas in the southern part of it. These will be forest-style areas Shenandoah ValleyIt is located on the border between the states of Virginia and West Virginia. With them, new quests, factions and rewards will appear in the game.
  3. Moreover, in 2024 Valosi 76 There will be no shortage of community favorite seasonal events. In fact, it will be more organized than in the past, and we can also expect completely new events.
  4. Bethesda also intends to add several new features and improvements that will benefit fans and adventurers alike.

The developer also boasted about the numbers – although they are a bit inaccurate. More than five years after its premiere in November 2023 Fallout 76, This title has been played on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in total by:

  1. In one place of the communication in question we read that More than 16 million people;
  2. And at the end of that 17 million people.

Either way, it’s a big number. Taking into account that nearly 94 thousand reviews that Fallout 76 Received from players on the steam,Positivity constitutes 76%.,A In the best moment he plays Attracts Usually about 10-15 thousand people are on Valve platformcan be placed without hesitation next to No Man’s Sky or Cyberpunk 2077, that is, among the products that the developers skillfully overhauled after an unsuccessful premiere.

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