June 1, 2023


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A black hole outside the Milky Way.  Get to know her by star shape

A black hole outside the Milky Way. Get to know her by star shape

Scientists are looking black holesPay attention to the effect it has on the surroundings. The glow emitted could be when matter swallowed up, or it could be gravitational waves produced when a black hole collides with a massive neutron star.

In the case of the youngest black holes It seems more complicated. Astronomers should look for less obvious indications.

Stefan Drezler from the University of Göttingen is a member of the research team that used very large telescope NS European Southern Observatory in Chile. As reported, the team found Black hole In the star cluster NGC 1850 in the galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud, about 160,000 light-years from Earth. Scientists believe that this is the first black hole to be discovered outside our galaxy.

Scientists note its effect Black hole on a neighboring star. Notice the deformation of the star’s shape due to the massive gravitational force it exerts Black hole.

According to astronomers, the new method for identifying these objects will also provide a better understanding of how they formed and evolved. black holes.

A scientific article discussing the new method of detection black holes Besides describing the discovery of the first object outside the Milky Way, it will appear in the next issue of the magazine Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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