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At the age of 17 It stands out in the art world due to its participation in various national productions, one of which is “Back to the Neighborhood Page”, which has won the hearts of the public through the stories of the characters. Thus, the young actress plans to enter various genres in the world of acting.

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In production “Back to neighborhood” The actress became known for her acting Liliana Gera Salas, There he showed his best talent in the world of acting. But he found fame as part of the first season of the same series.

He loves to dance a lot and is a regular user of the social network Dictok, where he has more than 3.3 million followers.

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But Morello was not recognized for his participation in comedy productions (comedy), which is also part of the short film “I forgot”.

Skip Intro by Merly Morello’s son in the interview

The actress took a short break from her agenda and was able to give an interview to the venue. “Skip Introduction “Through the Instagram social network, he revealed to his mind previously unknown details about his life and plans.

This is the second character I do dramatically. The first was a college short film several years ago. But this is the first time it has been shown to the public. I am very excited. Working out with Gabriel Rondon on ‘Back to the Neighborhood’ and acting in completely different characters from the ones we usually do was a lot of fun.”, He revealed at the introduction of the Psalter.

She is a young woman, and her fame did not overnight because she started working at a very young age, especially, from the age of 13. His first role was in this series “Back to neighborhood” It aired on the American television channel. In this production she played Liliana Gera as “Lily”.

But apart from acting, he also knows how to stand alone in the world of social networking, and knows how to act as a YouTube, dictator and continues his modeling career.

He stressed that he wanted to act in other roles and find other genres in acting.

I have to embrace it as an actress, I’m not going to get caught up in a genre because the public will like it, but I like trying new things, going through new areas, having more visibility in different forms. Not just in comedy. Get a little more into the play and instill fear at some point, so that I can show the diversity I can handle as an actress.“, He said.

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Love for his acting and art

He has always felt a great fascination with dance, but in 2016 he made his debut in children’s drama “Daddy long legs”. He worked together on this production Francesca AronsoBut, after a while a friend of hers insisted that she should take part in the performance “Back to neighborhood”. That’s how it became part of the Gigio Aranda series.

The artist said what it takes to fully dedicate oneself to the series “Back to neighborhood”.

In the third year of secondary school, I dropped out of school face-to-face on the ‘Back to Neighborhood’ show because the schedule didn’t give me that. I wanted to continue reading; However, he wanted to continue acting. Previously, it was only for school, registration, going back home, doing homework, sleeping, so I didn’t get used to it much, He revealed.

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At that point he adds it. “I don’t go out, I don’t have meetings with my friends, and now I see more and more without going to school in person”.

Morello stressed that learning from school is a great way to stay home.

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