(Quebec) With the discovery of the remains of 215 children in the Kamloops, Quebec does not impose a “wall-to-wall” solution to meet the needs of the affected indigenous communities, and the “rhythm” and “preference” of each to choose a respectable individual “approach”.

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The Legalt government will present in the coming days details of what it can provide to communities affected by the events in British Columbia’s Kamloops, which reopened the wounds as far as Quebec, where a dozen residential schools were operating. 1950s to 1991.

It will not be time to announce the start of radar excavations or the protection of a site, it has been pointed out, but rather how a community that wants to go there with the support of Quebec and Ottawa can organize itself. There is also talk of providing psychological and spiritual support.

“I took the time in the last days to consult the best chefs, I’ll tell you [que les demandes sont] With variable geometry. In some communities, we were asked for time, ”Ian Lafrenier, the minister in charge of indigenous affairs, told a news conference on Monday.

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Ian Lafrenier, Minister of Indigenous Affairs

« [Il y a des] Slightly different options based on time and interest [de certaines communautés] Or in need of healing. […] Other communities are ready to keep this place safe, ”he said.

The latter participated in the proclamation of justice with Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett and the first Speaker of the Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) Legislature, Kislyn Picard.

Chief Picard reaffirmed, “In a very, very clear way, we must accommodate meditation and prayer, while at the same time expecting what lies ahead.”

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Kislyn Picard, Speaker of the Quebec-Labrador Legislative Assembly of the First Countries

“We were not asked to take out the shrines for digging tomorrow morning,” he explained. “I think a small change in Bill 79 could be considered [enjeu-là]. I think this may be an opinion shared directly by the victims, ”he lamented.

In the wake of the Kamloops tragedy, the AFNQL leader asked Quebec to expand the bill on missing tribal children following its admission to the Quebec Health Institute, which the government has refused to reflect on the “reality of residential schools”. Part of the law was agreed Friday.

Minister Lafrenier promises “don’t go to the wall.” He believes his suggestions have convinced him to “go at speed and adapt to the wishes of communities”. He noted that these practices could target up to 10 sites in communities, and therefore, within federal jurisdiction, would be on two Quebec soils.

He also assured that the jurisdiction issue would not be an issue as he was cooperating with Federal Indigenous Services Minister Mark Miller.

Ottawa last Wednesday pledged a $ 27 million grant to support communities seeking to research the site of former residential schools. This envelope has already been provided in the 2019 budget.

“Be sure”

Communities Consulting Press He said they started their own thinking to determine the next step. They want to know the truth, but find the right way without upsetting the survivors and their families.

“People definitely want to find out. The world is asking a lot of questions, ”explained James Cananaso, Picogan’s assistant chef, at ABTP-Demis Gaming. Amos had a boarding school until 1973.

There is a lot of debate. It is important to stay fast with communities and ensure that first countries are able to participate in this research.

James Cananaso, assistant chef at Picon

At CCB Nation Greece, Chief Daisy House agrees: “We need to find the right approach and do it with respect,” he said. Press. The CCB, which housed the important Fort George Residential School, is also keen to give its members a chance before finally making progress.

Discussions also take place between families in AtticMake, where children are sent to Mashtiatsch (Roberwall), Amos and La Duke. On the north coast, Ushad Mack pointed out that “all efforts must be made” to find answers to Mani-Uttenam’s already.

In Mashtiatsch, where the Point-Blue boarding school closed in 1991, Chief Clifford Moore said he was “open” to radar excavations on the site of the old boarding school, just like Kamloops. He did not hear that there was a mass grave. “It simply came to our notice then. If in doubt, let’s go and see, ”he adds. A working group should be set up in the Lock-Saint-Jean community.

For better access to justice

Quebec has been investing more than $ 14 million over four years to promote access to justice for indigenous peoples, indicating that it wants to adapt to their reality rather than be forced to comply with the current system. The Legalt government considers this to be in line with many of the recommendations of the Vince report, which was drawn up at the conclusion of the Commission of Inquiry into Relations between Indigenous Peoples and Some Public Services. D’Amiti Autocotons to Quebec, Director General of the Regiment des Centers, recalled the long drawn out observations by Tanya Sirois. “Many commissions of inquiry, research and research are definite: a high judicial ratio, a high retaliation rate, a high sense of distrust and disrespect for individual and collective rights, and a fear of being stamped and judged by aborigines,” he said. As its investments were announced on Monday, Quebec says it wants to further promote tribal social justice and fight against the over-representation of this population in the justice system.

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