Ewa Swoboda's big secret has already been officially announced.  “Until the end of my career”

Ewa Swoboda was heading to Glasgow to collect the medal -You didn't hide it. With the second fastest time of the season in the world, she was among the favorites in the entire competition. When she broke her personal record in the semi-final with a time of 6.98 seconds to equal the world best, she became the favorite. This was supposed to be between her and me Julian AlfredAnd this is what happened. However, the competitor from the island of Saint Lucia ran better in the decisive race, This time I achieved 6.98 seconds, and the pole was two hundredths worse.

Ewa Swoboda took her medal in her hand. She was already smiling

No wonder Polish hostility was later shaken by different feelings. She tried to be happy, but the word “tried” is appropriate here – because her behavior actually indicates something else. – I was counting on winning. I was prepared for it, but I'm happy. I took back Belgrade. Everyone wants to win. But I managed. I have a medal. I have silver. It's cold. I'm about to cry with happiness because it's starting to affect me now, but I'm angry. I hope this dissatisfaction gives you the motivation to act – she said to the TVP Sport camera. Then I slid through the mixed zone.

Today, she appeared already smiling at the TVP Sport studio – She wanted to talk about what happened to her. She took her silver medal in her hand and evaluated it: – Very heavy and very beautiful. Right now it might be silver. More beautiful than gold.

Ewa Swoboda/Ashley Landis/Associated Press/East News/East News

She later noted: – When I woke up today I was happy. Yesterday I was hungry, angry and in pain.

Swoboda did not hide that even the people closest to her encouraged her to be happy with the medal. She was talking about her parents and her coach Iona Krupa And your partner Krzysztof KiljanWho reached the semi-finals of the 60m hurdles competition yesterday. – Yes, but I am I had a different goal in mind. I finally broke the Polish record here, which was great, but there was also a lot going on at the start. We lost eight minutes. Eight minutes of focus. It was hard, it's over. “I'm vice-world champion, it's amazing,” she said.

Ewa Swoboda and Iwona Krupa – collaborations for better and for worse. The vice world champion sure of it

It was a special indoor season for Swoboda, because for the first time in her career she completed all her runs in less than 7.10 seconds. She runs in the hall differently than she runs on the court and she emphasizes this herself.

Because Ewa loves Hall, and Hall loves Ewa. At 60 metres, I'm aware and confident in my skills. I feel very strong, I can admit that. This is also a good prediction for the summer, although I would like to be as confident in my skills in the 100m as I am in the 60m, but I'm not.

~Ewa Swoboda

What happened that Ewa Swoboda looked so good last summer and is now competing at the highest world level?

The conversation with yourself is the most important thing, but also… With Krzysztof, because he supports me. It shows a completely different perspective on all this, and can be great fun for me. And if I can have fun and come second in the world, then great. I'm older than that, I'm 27, I can achieve personal bests, and I'm ready for the summer. Although now I need to rest a little, because it had a huge psychological impact. And then I can fight for the European Championship medal and the Olympic final.

Ewa Swoboda also spoke about her collaboration with Iwona Krupa – A Both ladies have been working together for 15 years. – Sometimes we have patience with each other, because there are two women here, and the coach also has a strong personality and is a strong person. However, I can't imagine working with anyone else, whether man or woman. You will always be my career coach, no matter where I am: at the bottom or at the top. I know she will always be with me,” Swoboda said.

Ewa Swoboda/Adam Warzawa/PAP

Ewa Swoboda/Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP/France Press agency

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