Rioting in the stands before the match at LKE.  They were injured, the fan fell from the stands, the match was delayed, the football

On Thursday, the competition began in the conference league. One of the matches that will be played on that day is the Nice match FC Köln. In this match, he had the opportunity to appear in the first team Marcin Bucca.

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Nice vs FC Cologne match postponed to a later hour

The match was scheduled to start at 18:45, but was eventually delayed. The reason for this was serious clashes between fans of the two clubs in the stands, during which seven people were injured, two of whom were seriously injured. According to RMC Sport, one fan fell from the stands and the other had stab wounds. Police used tear gas to calm the aggressive fans.

At first, journalists said that the meeting was scheduled to be canceled due to the riots. This decision was made by the activists of Nice, because, in their opinion, the events in the stands made it impossible to play football. In addition, the media also reported that the fans’ clashes were already almost in the entire stands. Soon, UEFA decided that the match would take place and decided to postpone it by several dozen minutes. The first referee whistle sounded at 19:40. RMC Sport added that if riots occurred again, the entire match would be cancelled.

About 12,000 fans from Cologne came to Nice. Before the match, the police had to intervene several times.

This is not the first time that French fans have been involved in the clashes. During the match between Tottenham Hotspur and Olympique Marseille in Champions LeagueMarseille fans got into a fight with the police.

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According to the plan, Lech Poznan and Villarreal started their match. The match started better by the Polish champion and two minutes later he took the lead thanks to Michał Skóras. Later, Villarreal is doing much better and leading 3:1 in the first half.

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