Erik ten Hag after the Carabao Cup final: I just love Man United |

Erik ten Hag gave a post-match interview to the media after winning the Carabao Cup Final with Newcastle United. The coach did not hide that he would allow his team to celebrate after winning the title. The Dutchman also revealed what he believes is the best gift for a football club manager.

Team spirit

“It’s the right team spirit. He’s very strong and relevant in our team. We were a team and we fought for everything. We beat them. Our style wasn’t the prettiest, but it was effective. The perfect combination of our players was definitely evident. Sometimes they were competing with each other, But they also supported and helped each other when needed. Something like that makes me happy. I think this is the best a manager can get from his duties.

Good team form

“If we take into account that we played Barcelona three days ago, today’s result is very good. It shows that we are physically and mentally fit. We have to sacrifice every day to win trophies. It is about glory and honour. If you want to win something, you have to do something about it.” Otherwise, you will not achieve anything.

Born winners

“I said before the match that Raphael Varane, Casemiro and David de Gea know how to win titles. You need players like that on the pitch to guide the team, train them and arrange them. It’s not just about tactical assumptions. Mental factors are also very important. A winning mentality is needed. They have to bring him into the locker room and the team.In tough times, they have to smooth it out and that’s what they did again today.

We are united

“Since the start of the season, we’ve invested in the coaching staff. I want to say that the coaching staff has done a great job with the players. In addition, the players and our team members unite in this team. You’ve seen the fans, they’ve stayed, and that highlights how long they’ve been waiting. the cup.

right direction

“Winning the cup proves to you that you are on the right track, and you are going in the right direction. This is the first cup and it is only in February, so we know we are on the right track. This should be our motivation to continue our journey. We have to be happy for 24 hours, But we will never be satisfied.

It’s party time

“You have to celebrate a day like this because it’s not something that happens often, it’s not a normal day. We won the title and that means we’re going in the right direction in England. We’ve won something, we have to celebrate, but then we have to keep working hard. The players know we have a meeting.” Another important one on Wednesday.

What then?

“We had to win one trophy and that’s what we did today. I think we gained a lot of inspiration and confidence today. We’re capable of repeating it. We’re still at the beginning of rebuilding Manchester United. We want to get this club back where it belongs, so we have to win trophies. That was that.” Our first.

Creative dance

We have a common history. In Amsterdam she also danced with Lisandro [Martinezem] and Anthony. I think we will have the opportunity to do it again in the future. Until then, we have to make sacrifices every single day.

Why did you choose this club?

“When I heard about the fan connection to Sir Alex’s legacy, I knew immediately that he wanted to do something like this with my team. I want to create my own legacy here. When the opportunity arose, the first thing I thought was this was the perfect club for me. Maybe it was too risky.” “But I’m stubborn and it was the perfect club for me. I just love Manchester United.”

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