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Disagreements and scandals continue. As usual for the Queen , Palmoral Scottish Castle became his refuge for the summer, thus leaving Windsor; However, this season was not entirely pleasant, as she mourned the death of her husband Felipe de Edinburgh, and various conflicts of the British royal family were added. He will start against his grandson Enrique de Sussex and his wife For a continual critique of royalty. Here are the details of the quiet time that appears to have not come to sovereignty.

திருவிதா | How much do you know about Prince Harry and Megan of Sussex?

On summer days, names Lords of Sussex They did not stop monopolizing the headlines and revealing the new epic of the autobiography ‘Finding Freedom’ Authors Omid Scoby and Carolyn Durand promise that Prince Harry and Megan Markle did not accept “full responsibility” for the problems they raised during the interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they raised racism as a key feature of the 95-year-old Queen show. “Xperada” According to the British press, he has demanded the hiring of competent libel lawyers.

“There is a limit. They are looking for lawyers. Harry and Megan will know and know that repeated attacks cannot be tolerated., Sources around Buckingham promised.

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom arrived in Palmoral in early August and was greeted with a guard of honor with a small ceremony outside the castle gates. (Photo: theroyalfamily / Instagram)

Days at Palmoral

Within this media scandal, the Queen Isabel II He spends his days in Palmoral with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and his daughter Eugenia de York and his family. However, his arrival was also controversial because the Sovereign’s son received a lawsuit from a victim, Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier accused of sexual abuse in a federal court in New York.

As the weeks progress, the King is expected to receive more visits from the British royal family in Palmoral. In the next few days The Lords of Cambridge And their three children, Princes George, Charlotte and Louise.

Plans after the summer

At the end of the summer, the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom The new session of the Welsh Parliament, known as the Senate, on October 2 will continue with its agenda with face-to-face events such as the Parliament of Scotland.

In November, during the World Investment Summit, Sovereignty will host the Windsor and then be with various world leaders such as Pope Francis at the reception for the COP26 Summit (United Nations Conference on Climate Change).

This includes his Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne in 2022 with members of the British Royal Family. “They will be traveling across the country to commemorate this historic celebration that ends the Platinum Jubilee weekend in June.”.

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