Actors strike in Hollywood: No “Barbie” costumes for Halloween, union demands

The conflict between striking actors and studio bosses in Hollywood is also affecting the popular Halloween party: The SAG-AFTRA union asked its 160,000 members this week not to dress as characters from works linked to studios targeted by the strike.

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This request was made to actors, stuntmen, dancers and other professionals of the small and big screens, especially “Barbie” from the superheroes of Disney’s Marvel universe, Warner Bros. or Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.

Instead, the union advised its members to choose generic “ghost, zombie, spider” costumes to wear on October 31.

At half-mast in the streaming era, and protective measures against artificial intelligence, they can also take inspiration from cartoon characters who are not affected by the actors’ strike movement demanding a rise in their wages.

“We will use our collective strength to send a strong message to our employers that we will not promote their content without a fair contract,” announced the SAG-AFTRA union, which has walked off film sets since July.

Despite a salary agreement between the studios and the screenwriters’ representatives last month, the two camps announced last week that they were suspending their negotiations.

But the salary demands put forth by SAG-AFTRA are higher than those of their fellow screenwriters.

They specifically demand a large increase in salary and a percentage of actual profits instead of a simple bonus when a streak is won.

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